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AdWords Reporting Tool for Preparing Client Reports & Internal Analysis

MarketFlare DNA AdWords report types

Creating and customizing AdWords and Bing Ads reports is easier than ever with MarketFlare DNA AdWords and Bing Ads reporting tool

The MarketFlare DNA AdWords reporting tool runs any type of AdWords report, enables visualization with advanced charts, and exports cleanly formatted data to Excel in seconds. Now you have unprecedented control of your AdWords and Bing Ads report data with your own local report database. This means you can breeze through worldwide PPC report analysis with SQL-enabled group-by, pivot, sort and other powerful features – find negative keywords, validate ad links, and much more.

Running Bing Ads reports and multi-channel Google AdWords and Bing Ads reports is now easier than ever. Once any report is created, then the report can be run with a different time period within the bulk-reporting tool – this means you can run your weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly multi-channel reports in seconds. Wow.


Tools for Google AdWords & Bing Ads Reporting

MarketFlare DNA offers unprecedented power & speed for AdWords and Bing Ads reporting, charting, and analysis. This free PPC tool is built for marketing pros and agencies to take the hassle out of routine internal PPC reporting and analysis.

  • Supports AdWords MCC accounts and multiple DNA profiles – create a DNA profile for each AdWords client and breeze through their report generation
  • Supports all AdWords report types, with complete field selection & filters; to save time – default views & remembered preferences
  • Instantly visualize AdWords report data with charts, including advanced Treemap charts for GEO reports
  • Run bulk AdWords report requests with remembered group-by and sort, view multiple reports within tabs; requests run concurrently & appear in seconds!
  • Check Ad links & more! AdWords tools: validate your AdWords Ad Texts, Target URLs, Site Links, and even landing page content (title, h-tags, and more!)
  • Validate your landing page content with automatic browser screenshots of each page while also parsing for specific content and testing specific links (never have broken cart links again!)
  • Analyze AdWords and Bing Ads report data with advanced grouping, sorting & filtering; your report data in now in your own powerful local SQL database
  • Easily export reports and other data to Excel (.xlsx), tailored with your column order preferences
  • View your custom conversion metrics in columns alongside any other PPC metrics; conversion action data is auto-magically pivoted and joined!
  • Group countries into pre-defined and/or custom worldwide regions (AMER, EMEA, APAC…); export Excel-based geo region heatmaps that corporate finance departments will love you
  • Compare AdWords & Analytics reports automatically & find new keyword opportunities based on performing organic keywords not in your PPC campaigns
  • Save your PPC reports securely to your local database for easy, fast review any time! Optionally delete, archive, or run new reports in bulk
  • Find negative keywords & negative exact phrases with a powerful, automated, intelligent negative keyword tool

Specific Google Analytics integrated reports are easily accessed too, including Paid Search Placements, Referrals, Sources and more! Along with the integrated Google AdWords Search Query Performance Reports, Placements Reports, Automatic Placements Reports, the performance data is analyzed in the context of prospective placements, and the Display Network Analysis magic happens!

AdWords and Bing Ads Charts, Graphs, & Visualization Features

Immediately visualize AdWords and Analytics report data to gain insights.

Immediately visualize any reports with bar, column, pie, line, geo, treemap charts and more!

Immediately visualize any Google AdWords reports

  • Multiple chart formats including Bar, Column, Area, Line, Stacked, Pie, Treemap, and Geo
  • Chart any AdWords or Bing Ads report dimension and multiple metrics with a few clicks
  • Save or copy to clipboard to easily copy into an email, Word®, or Excel®
  • Customize the chart labels, colors, sort order and more
  • Advanced Geo visualization – impressive interactive Treemap & Geo charts
  • Line charts feature a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) indication option when Cost & Revenue are selected
  • Access visualization from your report history or directly from the report view
  • Easy chart configuration shows immediate, professional-looking results

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