MarketFlare DNA is Google Ads reporting software for agencies who are actively analyzing report data and want to make better marketing decisions.
AdWords Visualization
PPC Software for Agency Internal Analysis & Reporting
Bing Ads
Google Ads
Choose from any AdWords report type, any fields and generate reports in seconds.
SEM Reporting Software
for Google Ads & Bing Ads
Fire off a dozen reports for advanced analysis in seconds. Drill down into and visualize data, and easily export in support of client reporting.

Bulk Export to MySQL or Google Cloud SQL for connecting to Google Data Studio. Bring your Google Ads & Bing Ads Report data together!
Easy, Fast Bulk Reporting

Run any type of Google Ads report or multi-channel report - consolidate Google Ads & Bing Ads data together. Export to Google Sheets or MySQL to view in Google Studio!

Automate by running any SEM reports from your history for any period or compare any periods, including multi-channel reports!

Chart any Google Ads & Bing Ads report data & save professional visualizations as images. Or easily export  SEM data together for reporting in Google Data Studio.

Consolidate AdWords & Bing Ads Reports

Advanced SEM Reporting Software
For Internal Analysis & Client Reporting

The MarketFlare DNA SEM reporting software solves many of the painful challenges for agencies reporting on multiple Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts for internal analysis.

Connect multiple client Google Ads & Bing Ads accounts

Save time on routine internal analysis & client reporting

Built by e-commerce veterans & marketing pros

Easy SEM Reporting is Only the Beginning

Other powerful features: negative keywords, validate ad links & page content, visualize worldwide performance, and more!

Check & validate Ad Links & Sitelinks across entire accounts in seconds.

Finance department wants geo regions defined as AMER, EUNA, APAC, RMEA? No problem!

Export a geo analysis by region & country with heatmap visualization in Excel.

Expertly compare Search Query Performance data with Google Analytics organic query data.

View metrics & conversion actions together. Now you can group & pivot data automatically.

Let us know! We are always adding features to make this the best suite of PPC tools.

What are Google Google Ads Multi Attribution Reports?

Within the MarketFlare DNA AdWords reporting software, some reports are not eligible for group-by operations when more than one criteria/dimension…

Automated Google Ads Reports & More

Based on existing reports, run multiple AdWords reports simultaneously

Google Ads & Bing Ads to Excel Export

Export Google Ads Data to Excel, Fast With MarketFlare DNA v.1.3.2.x we've enabled export of report totals along with all…

AdWords and Bing Ads Reports for Clients, MarketFlare DNA v.1.2.x.x

MarketFlare DNA v. features the latest AdWords API integration (v201502) and Bing Ads integration. Better multi-channel and advanced multi-period bulk…